Financial Modelling for Project Finance new edition

picture of book, Financial Modelling for Project Finance

The new edition of Penny's book, 'Financial Modelling for Project Finance' is now available. A complete update of the original 1997 workbook, the new book once again focusses primarily on practical modelling methods.

The book provides detailed self-study exercises, as well as exhaustive practical guidance, background theory, and an explanation of the real-world context driving the methodology. It covers the basics of model structure right through to practical solutions for complex circularities and PFI-style optimisations. The emphasis is on flexibility and ease of model development with minimal risk of undetected errors.

For more information or to order the book, see the Euromoney website, or use the link below to go direct to Amazon.

Book Contents

Contents list for the book. Taken from the original manuscript, so not in published format and without page numbers, this should nonetheless be helpful to anyone wanting to know more about the book before deciding whether to make the substantial investment required to purchase a copy!