Comments from Training Clients

If you have a Linked-in account, you can view recommendations from past clients on Penny's full profile, accessed via her public page View Penelope Lynch's profile on LinkedIn , or view the text of their recommendations here.

Information about her modelling clients can be found here.

Below are quotes from some of the generous comments sent by past training delegates.

'I really appreciate your patience with me, and as I said I feel so much better about financial models. I can do it! '

Director, Project Finance, investment bank.

'thanks again for the great three days we had - they will have a long-lasting effect on our modelling standards!'

Member of the Corporate Finance Practice of a leading Consultancy.

'More than 2 years have elapsed and we in..... still remember your briliant course.'

Head of Structured Finance Division of Russian investment bank.

'thank you for such a well structured Project Finance modelling class. Everyone got something useful out of it, and your pace of the class and level of detail was ideal for a mixed group such as we were'

Investment banker

I was in your Financial Modelling course for Project Finance a long time ago, ... (somewhere between 2000 and 2005). Yet, I've never forgotten and always recall it as the best modelling course I've had.

Senior Transaction Manager, Project Finance, Investment bank

'Your modelling course really helped me'

Project finance executive, leading investment bank

'Thank you for the course. It was excellent and extremely relevant to what I do here at .... I can’t wait for the next model I’m given so that I can practice all that we learnt at the course!'

Vice President, Project Finance Advisory, Investment Bank

'I´d like to thank you about your wonderful PF modelling course last week in London.I really enjoyed it and it will be very useful for upgrading my skills and improving my daily work.'

Senior analyst, Project finance