Mentoring and Individual Training

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For a very tailored presentation of one of the listed courses, working at an individual's own pace, moving quickly through the areas with which they are already familiar or which they find easy, and focussing on areas of particular interest or difficulty, individual training provides the ultimate learning opportunity.

For a less structured interaction, mentoring provides a wholly flexible way to access experience and support. It can take whatever form best suits your current needs. That may mean working with an individual to develop their modelling skills whilst addressing any immediate modelling problems, helping a non-modelling manager to develop strategies for working with model outputs, or combining individual work sessions with team seminars at regular intervals. It can mean regular support for a modeller throughout the process of building a specific model, or hosting team workshops looking at issues like checking procedures or setting in-house modelling standards. Whatever your requirement, get in touch, and we'll be happy to discuss the possibilities.