picture of Penny teaching a CPFMod evening classpicture of Penny teaching a CPFMod evening classpicture of Penny teaching a CPFMod evening class

Training & Mentoring

Penny Lynch draws on nearly thirty years of modelling experience and more than a decade of teaching in this field to offer a wide choice of training and mentoring opportunities. These range from highly personalised one-on-one mentoring, to formal training for groups of up to sixteen.

Formal training can be provided in-house for a single organisation, or as public courses open to delegates from many companies, and comprises a range of generalised project finance modelling courses at introductory and advanced level, plus a selection of specialist modules.

Mentoring can be a single session for one individual, or offered at regular intervals to members of a team or department, optionally in association with a more structured agenda.

The majority of courses are aimed at those directly involved in writing or using spreadsheet models for project finance, PPP, PFI or cash-flow based corporate finance deals. Typical delegates are from banks, project sponsors and consulting firms. Delegates also, however, include those less obviously involved in the modelling process, for example lawyers, public sector PFI partners, government agencies and insurers. Some of the specialist modules are intended to meet the needs of these organisations in particular, and a number are specifically designed for those needing to use and understand models and model outputs, without themselves having any direct interaction with the models.

The modelling courses have a high practical content and are intended to give a solid and coherent basis for future modelling, rather than offering a 'tips and tricks' approach which generally fails to provide the insight and confidence required when confronted with the high-pressure reality of producing results in a live deal.