Three day Project Finance Modelling Course for experienced modellers

November 14th to 16th, London, City, UK

picture of Penny teaching a CPFMod evening class

Three day course covering the theory and practice of model building. The course reviews the purpose and uses of the model, and the consequent need for flexibility and ease of use. Model structure is examined along with topics covering circularity, currency treatments, management of sensitivities, systems for checking the model and more. A suite of illustrative models provides examples throughout. Multiple practical sessions consolidate the principals and techniques covered, and limited class sizes ensure close support and individual attention can be given as needed.

Intended for modellers with some experience, the course is designed to build on existing Excel skills and an understanding of the issues and problems to be solved in the modelling process. The speed and emphasis of the course can vary to some extent according to the knowledge and experience of the delegate group.

For further information and a full agenda please see the course details.

Please feel free to get in touch for further details or to reserve a place.

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