Modelling Consultancy - typical assignments

Provision of complete modelling function

Provided with data and liasing closely with the in-house team, preparation of the project financial model for project sponsors. Model is developed, reviewed, amended and updated as necessary, and results produced in consultation with the appropriate individuals in the client organisation. Generally this work is carried out off-site, with material being transferred as needed by e-mail. When necessary, however, Penny can attend meetings to liase with the team, or to form part of the team when model structure or results have to be discussed with third parties.

Working with bidders' models in UK PFI

Working for consultancy appointed to represent public sector partner in a PFI, providing review, comparison and analysis of bidders' models to support assessment process. Work included production of equivalent sensitivity cases from the various models, and supervision of a small in-house team briefly dedicated to this process. Following appointment of preffered bidder, monitored the model, tracking updates and amendments, and liasing with bidder, as instructed by client, during negotiations through to financial close.

Provision of modelling support to in-house modeller

After providing training for an in-house modeller, provided on-going support for the modelling process. This entailed, inter alia reviewing model developments, taking over the process when necessary to incorporate the more challenging modelling solutions, and helping to run updates and sensitivities where time constraints demanded

Working with legacy model to support negotiations

Working with original financial model during renegotiation of project agreements some years after financial close. Process involved reviewing, amending and updating old model, developing it to support negotiations as required, and ultimately re-writing to reflect revised project structure and data

Model review

Provision of model review, (essentially an informal, no-liability model audit process), for clients seeking additional reassurance regarding their in-house models, and for clients keen to ensure consistency between project agreements and models supplied to them as part of their consultancy function.